Building a Secure Network Infrastructure

Distributed networks, VoIP, cloud, and big data all put a significant strain on your network.  As the size, scale, complexities, and demands of your network grow, the performance of your network infrastructure security in Los Angeles will suffer unless you take proactive steps to put the right solutions in place and take full advantage of the technologies that you already own. Making the most of your network infrastructure security can improve performance while reducing costs.


Providing the best Los Angeles IT support, we also understand the network is your first line of defense.  We work to harden your systems, and with our monitoring and maintenance solutions, we ensure your systems are looked after around the clock. 


  • How do I optimize my network performance?

  • How will a VoIP phone system impact my network?

  • How will moving to the cloud impact my network?

  • How do I optimize voice and data traffic?

  • How do I protect my network from security threats?

  • How do we increase bandwidth while controlling costs?

  • How do I pick the best network products?


1. Start with a Network Assessment: We start with a holistic approach, performing a Network Assessment and looking at all of the components of your Los Angeles network infrastructure security:  your hardware (switches, routers, firewalls, perimeter devices, etc.), your internal cabling, and your services (MPLS, VPN, Wireless and the amount of bandwidth on top of all of these components).  Depending on your business goals, we can recommend and implement the right solution to best meet your needs.

2. Identify Risk-Points: Additional data over the network means additional strain on the network.  We identify your weak points and can customize and implement the best hardware and software technologies to help your network run efficiently, while reducing operational expenses.  Through our TECAlert, PORTcontrol, and SYSManage products, we monitor and maintain your network, looking for areas of under-performance or impending failures, to ensure your network throughput is optimal and that your business stays up and running.


3. Look for Ways to Reduce Bandwidth Cost: The cost of bandwidth is constantly decreasing. We perform a comprehensive audit, comparing multiple vendors and negotiating rates to reduce your bandwidth costs and/or increase your bandwidth capacity.  Companies should have their telco and internet providers reviewed and compared every two years, as the savings can be significant.  Our team will guide you through that process.

4. Benefit from Expert Advice: Our technology management and system engineering personnel are experts in designing, implementing, and maintaining all of the vital infrastructure security measures, including:

  • User authentication and system access, including single sign-on

  • Internet access controls

  • Website content filtering

  • Firewall policies

  • VPN

  • SSL

  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems

  • Wireless network security

  • WAN Optimization

5. The Right Systems for Your Business: We recommend only industry-leading products that offer the highest quality and balance between effectiveness, compatibility, and value. That said, we know even the best products perform only as well as the experts who manage them. Our security configurations are based on best practices that layer all necessary security practices throughout each system implementation, and our maintenance programs are built around continually managing the security systems to ensure that necessary updates are applied and systems remain functional.

Building a Secure Network Infrastructure

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