Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Business continuity planning in the face of disaster is a daunting project for any company, but the facts are compelling: IT downtime costs businesses in North America and Europe over $26.5 billion annually. 56% of enterprises in North America don't have a formal and comprehensive disaster recovery policy, yet 87% of businesses indicated that failure to recover data would be damaging to the business, and 23% said it would be "disastrous."


Daycom works with clients to customize solutions that blend backup with near instant recovery, providing localized virtualization technology and cloud availability. In a nutshell, this means that your data and your client's data are protected and always available, even following a disaster.

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Your Challenge

  1. How do I plan for business continuity at a price point that meets our budget?

  2. How do I ensure uptime in the wake of a disaster?

  3. What should I be looking for in a disaster recovery solution?

  4. How can I implement a solution cost-effectively?

Our Solution

1. DR Solutions That Meet Your Goals and Needs: We start by treating every situation uniquely.  We look at each of your computer services individually and help you prioritize them. We also look at statistics of the likelihood and expected duration of outages and determine associated costs. Then, we present options for business continuity and disaster recovery Los Angeles based on a service-by-service basis.


2. Best-in-Class Systems to Keep You Up and Running: We build solutions with redundancy to back-up your server and data files locally, as well as in the cloud, to ensure access whether you experience a global disaster (and telecommunications service is interrupted at a regional level), a site disaster (if your physical site is down), or a specific hardware disaster (a single critical server is down).  We have solutions to keep your organization up and running no-matter the scenario, and that’s peace of mind.

3. Turning Business Goals into System Objectives: RPO and RTO are the traditional metrics to be thinking about for disaster recovery in Los Angeles, and they are important to balance in conjunction with your estimated cost of down-time and anticipated spend for a disaster solution.  The RPO determines how often you need to back up your data so that after a recovery, the data is restored with an acceptable loss of changes. RTO refers to how long it takes until a failed computer service is restored. Generally, the briefer the RTO and RPO, the more expensive the recovery solution.


4. Affordable Solutions Right-Sized to Your Business: Our Disk Based and On-line Based (DBOB) solution provides local back-up with server virtualization, combined with cloud based global back-up, to create a redundant, powerful backup solution at a compelling price point. We offer this product “as a service” to reduce costs and create a “pay as you grow” infrastructure expansion model, making best-in-class disaster recovery available for organizations of any size.

Once we’ve helped you prioritize your IT services and set your target RPO and RTO, it’s much easier to predict and control the costs associated with disaster recovery and business continuity planning in Los Angeles.